Hello Fellow Spank Monkeys!

Welcome to Spank Monkey Heaven!

I hope you are not saying, WTF is a “Spank Monkey” … if so, you might not even be in the right place. For the record, this site has nothing much to do with monkeys. Once in a while, it may have something to do with spanking, but that’s not the emphasis either.

Here’s a good definition of the phrase courtesy of one of my favorite resources, Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary can help you sound cool and hip even when you are far past your prime. Useful for impressing younger chicks! They love it and are amazed when you more colorful phrases than they do. Anyway, getting back to the definition of “Spank Monkey”:

“Someone who’s life has been consumed by Internet porn, and they spend all their time beating off in front of the computer.” e.g. Tommy turned into a spank monkey when his family got high speed internet service.

Get it now? Check back often for all the latest free, top quality porn galleries and more on the net. And don’t be shy if you have suggestions or comments. Tell me what’s on your mind.

Spank Monkey #01

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22 Responses to “Hello Fellow Spank Monkeys!”

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