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Tonight, some heavy duty interracial action for all you pervs to enjoy!  Free photo and video galleries featuring sluts of every color sucking and fucking gigantic black cock.

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Check out this blog article by Emily Monroy for interesting commentary on interracial sex involving white women and men of color.  Monroy identifies three common stereotypes of white women who sleep with black dudes:  (1) “The Slut” — “A variant of Susie Bright’s White Bitch in Heat”, (2) “The Political Activist” — ” … a left-wing, socially conscious, politically correct woman who views involvement with a [black man] as an act of solidarity with an oppressed group and perhaps as a means of thumbing her nose at society, rebelling against her family, and the key to future race relations if they have children” and (3) “The Ugly Ducking” — although she doesn’t “turn the head of white guys, plenty of black men “shower her with attention.”

Do any black guys out there think Ms. Monroy is right on the money?  Can any white females who dig chocolate snake relate?  Tell the Monkey.

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Black Beauty

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Some of you guys have written to me in e-mail and asked if I could post some galleries featuring black gals.  Of course I can — enjoy!

Here’s some new galleries from DO IT BIATCH.


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I came across an interesting online essay by Jane Musoe-Nteyaas” that discusses how African beauty has been all but shut out in modern media. 

Black women of antiquity were legendary for their beauty and power.  During this time, the African woman with her typical African physiognomy was believed to be the standard of beauty in that part of the ancient world. Yet today with very few exceptions it is very rare to see a black woman who is reflected in the media as a more natural African appearance with pronounced African features as opposed to stylized European features (aquiline noses, thin lips and eyebrows). It is rare to see her portrayed as an ideal of beauty in magazines and other forms of media.It would seem that all over the world, beautiful African princesses are encouraged or better yet subtly pressured to follow the standards of lily white beauty. Whereas there is nothing wrong with Eurocentric beauty, there is something wrong with presenting it as the standard which all women must follow. There is something wrong with lording straight hair and lighter skin as the more acceptable ideal of beauty and therefore negating authentic African beauty. Unfortunately it’s the African woman that is at the bottom of the heap when it comes to this.

Ms. Nteyaas’ assertions are probably correct when it comes to mainstream media such as TV, movies and magazines.  In my view, these observations also equally apply to Asian and Latina women as well.  However, she probably never considered that in adult media products, women of color with a more natural appearance are frequently featured and sought after by an enthusiastic viewing audience.  Of course, even in the world of porn, some of the mindset favoring European beauty ideals creep in, but on the whole, I think the “niche” audience that specifically seeks out content featuring black (or Asian or Latina) performers has a much more flexible idea of what is attractive.  Regardless of one’s personal feelings about porn, the fact that men do want to see this material should confirm to black women that they are indeed attractive and counteract some of the “psychological damage” who think their “darkness is a stain.”

— Spank Monkey #01

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